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  • With more than two decades of experience, we are among Germany’s leading agencies for financial and corporate communication.
  • We work internationally from our headquarters in Hamburg and also have offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Istanbul and Bucharest.
  • We maintain an established and reliable network within the financial community: banks, lawyers, financial journalists, investors and opinion leaders.
  • Kirchhoff Consult has been an Gold Community Member in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) since 2009.
  • Beyond our client projects, we are committed to a number of charitable initiatives, such as Tafel Deutschland e. V.






















The climate on the international financial markets has harshened. Medium-sized businesses in particular, but also promising start-ups are falling by the wayside ever more often in the competition for capital and attention. There are many different reasons for this: a lack of experience, scarce personnel resources, insufficient contacts or an unconvincing public image.

We help your company to acquire, assert or win back this ability to compete – as part of a particular project or as a constant companion, employing a holistic approach, even when fully concentrating on a specific challenge. One thing you can count on at all times is the experience we have built up from being involved in the capital market for more than a quarter of a decade.

Annual reports

Lots of pages. Lots of rules. Lots of work. Undoubtedly a job for specialists.

Classic or combined? Printed or online? And how exactly does the non-financial information have to be disclosed again? The reporting world is in a state of flux. We stay abreast of changes and help you to find the right format for your annual report – both in terms of content and design. The result? Reports of distinction. We adapt our services to your needs, depending on whether you require the full package or modular assistance. Quality is everything to us, but it certainly isn’t a question of the size of the project or company. After all, good concepts are no more expensive than poor ones – and great things can also be accomplished with small budgets.

Even after more than 800 successful reporting projects, every new report is a highlight for us and it is also treated as such.

Integrated reports

Are you ready for a completely new approach to your reporting? Be brave! You will learn some fascinating things about yourself …

Integrated reporting is the next big thing among report formats – but for most companies it remains a big black box. We help you to shed light in this dark place. We start by acting as your sparring partner when thrashing out ideas – after all, types of capital, spheres of activity and connections need to be clearly defined. The work involved should not be underestimated, but unfortunately it is an essential requirement for serious, integrated reporting. When it then comes to producing the results, you benefit from the bundled expertise of a full service provider.

Incidentally … how do we know what we’re talking about? Well, one of the German companies involved in the IIRC pilot programme has been using our service since 2011.

Investor relations

Maintaining dialogue. Shining with transparency. Creating trust. It sounds easier than it actually is.

Among the mass of statutory publication duties, we help you to keep track of things. We give your financial information the finishing touch with best practice recommendations and a keen sense of quality so that the investors recognise the true value of your company. Seismograph for current sentiments? Communication in times of crisis? Such tasks have been part of our core competencies for more than two decades. When maintaining contact with the financial community we make use of both classic and innovative communication instruments, which we develop and deploy specifically for you.

The benefit for you? Our intuition when selecting effective IR instruments keeps complexity to a minimum while ensuring maximum transparency – a sound basis for growing trust among your investors.

Financial PR

You understand your business. You are successful. Would you like your good reputation to precede you? We’ll take care of it.

Relevant information at the right time and in the right place – with professional business and financial public relations, we make sure that your news continues to flow and is always up to date. Essential information is brought to the fore and your image and positioning are enhanced. With a well-maintained and constantly expanding network of German and international journalists, we strengthen your existing contacts and establish new ones, giving you opinion leaders with broad reach and a highly developed understanding of your business.

In the role of communicator, we ensure that you remain in people’s minds, because change is a constant in the world of business and has to be documented.

Capital market transactions

Whether IPO, bond issue, capital increase or M&A deal – we turn the milestones in the development of your company into success stories.

Our IPO and IR advisors, financial analysts and communication experts provide competent assistance even with the most complex of transactions. They are door openers, sparring partners, opinion leaders and project managers. We attract the interest of banks and investors with a persuasive equity story. We use the entire range of communication formats and channels for your positioning. And there is no need to worry about the big appearance – thanks to intensive coaching you will have the right answer to hand at all times.

After more than 70 IPOs and bond issues as well as numerous other capital market transactions, we know the stumbling blocks and clear them out of the way for you.



Online, offline, around the clock and in countless formats – the age of information has long since evolved into the age of information overload. As such, companies find it difficult to position themselves regularly among their target groups with striking messages, which in turn initiate constructive dialogue in an ideal scenario.

Our formula: generate added value that can be seen, heard and read. How? By cleverly linking relevant information with the interests of your target group across a range of different media. Convincing in terms of content, appealing in terms of design, precise in terms of the choice of channel – and thanks to our one-stop shop philosophy highly efficient at the same time.

Company reports

Do you want to cultivate an image with substance, but without regulatory restrictions? Then why not consider producing a company report!

The amount of information demanded by stakeholders is steadily rising – even from companies that are not listed. This is a good reason to show your colours once a year. Business model, strategy, sustainable activities, economic situation, perhaps embellished with a little storytelling? We help you to put together the content completely in line with the level of transparency you require, produce appealing packaging and ensure that the whole process runs smoothly from beginning to end.  

The good thing about it all is that everything can be done, but nothing has to be done. This goes for the content as well as the services you utilise.

Magazines and brochures

Whether at regular intervals or on particular occasions, we ensure that your target groups are kept in the picture about all the issues affecting your company.

As a full service provider we take care of every aspect of your customer or employee magazine, from subject matter research to final print approval. Our in-house editorial team, a broad network of copywriters and photographers and our art directors create content and produce a design to which your readers will happily devote their time. If you find print a little outdated, it’s no problem, because we possess all the skills required for digital publishing – including moving images.

And since good things don’t necessarily have to come in a series, we also turn your company brochures or anniversary magazines into real eye-catchers.


The world thinks digitally. So do we – since 2006. After all, first-class corporate communication primarily has to function online these days.

We combine contemporary Web design, individually tailored to your corporate identity, with maximum functionality. Whether content or usability, every project begins with a critical stocktake. At the same time, we also keep your competitors and current best practice in mind. Clear user guidance and logical information architecture? Like! Would you like to get involved yourself? With TYPO3 we use one of the most efficient and user-friendly content management systems, whose functions we are even constantly enhancing with our own product developments.

And since few things are more annoying than a website that doesn’t work, we guarantee smooth operation at all times with careful programming, thorough testing and extensive hosting services.

Corporate design

There is a rule which says that you shouldn’t go by appearances, but we think that the quickest way to the inner values of a company is via a great visual presence.

Our core business is concerned with presenting companies from their best side – both in terms of content and design. Whether logo development, corporate picture concept or business stationery, we are proficient in the use of all tools that fill your corporate identity with life from a visual perspective – always authentic, always striking, always high quality. And also very important: everything is compiled in a manual so that external service providers can also make use of it later on.

By the way, don’t be surprised if you happen to see a company out there whose name or slogan was also penned by us.

Crisis communication

The bad news first: crises affect every company sooner or later – including yours. More important is how well prepared you are and what you do about it …

Crises generally follow a certain pattern, so it’s good when you are familiar with it. That’s because if you appear commanding in a crisis, you can sometimes even bolster the public perception of your company. With the experience gained over the course of more than a quarter of a century, we are happy to help you wield the communicative baton. What do we say? Who do we say it to? When do we say it? We know the answers to these questions and also keep a cool head in stressful situations.

Nevertheless, the best crisis is still the one that doesn’t occur in the first place. We can also play a valuable role in your crisis prevention measures – with a well-conceived CSR strategy, for example.



Financial crisis, climate crisis, globalisation, demographic change – those who wish to convince others in an ever more complex world must demonstrate a sense of responsibility. Customers, employees, business partners, journalists, ratings agencies and the interested public all demand that companies act responsibly – and want to see actual deeds.

As independent experts, we have been accompanying small, medium-sized and large businesses on the path to sustainability since the turn of the millennium. Numerous studies and publications underscore our expertise as well as cooperation partnerships with renowned universities. As initiator of the Good Company Ranking, we have been leading the way towards sustainable company management since 2005.


Where are we? Where do we want to go? These are two classic questions that companies should ask themselves nowadays, particularly in relation to their CSR activities.

After all, what initially sounds like a lot of work actually pays off enormously in the long term. Clearly defined CSR goals, structured measures and pooled expertise strengthen your position in the competitive sphere, make growing regulatory requirements less daunting and increase your attractiveness to socially responsible investors. We analyse and structure existing approaches, identify deficits and potential, get together with you to determine basic spheres of activity and draw up concrete measures. At the same time, we keep an eye on appropriate KPIs to monitor results.

With our support you will find suitable answers to questions that are guaranteed to concern your stakeholders as well – ideally before they even ask them.


Biodiversity, occupational safety, energy consumption, human rights, product stewardship – there are a number of sustainability issues and at first glance they all seem important.

Yet when examined more closely, not every issue is relevant to every company. We help your company to identify the really important issues by means of a reliable materiality analysis. Your specialist staff and managers are involved in the process from the beginning in order to establish a common understanding and a common goal. What comes from us? An organising hand, the right questions and food for thought and an audit-proof evaluation methodology.

The result is a solid foundation for the (continued) development of your CSR strategy and the basis for CSR reporting in line with international standards.


Do you believe you know what your stakeholders think about your company? Then prepare to be surprised …

By conducting a systematic survey, we get an idea of the prevailing opinion among your stakeholders. Which issues do your stakeholders deem to be important? How do they rate the corporate goals that have been set? How would they like to be informed about progress and change? Whether in real depth via telephone conversation or with broad reach by means of an online survey, we engage in informed dialogue to shine a light on your strengths and weaknesses.

Incidentally, we don’t use market researchers to ask the questions, but qualified CSR experts. After all, constructive dialogue has always been held on a level playing field.  


A separate CSR report – is that still done? Or a section in the management report – but what does that mean in terms of our audit certificate? Maybe an online CSR portal is better?

There are many different ways of informing the outside world about your own CSR activities. We provide comprehensive advice on the latest report formats and find the best solution for you. And if you like, we can also take a great deal of work off your hands: we draw up the content and graphics for your report, produce text and images, manage the project and monitor production. It goes without saying that our advisors speak fluent GRI.

Whichever format you choose, we can assure you of one thing: the end result will be an information package that people will be happy to read – with no ifs or buts.

Supply chains

If your company thinks and acts sustainably, that’s great! But can you also say the same about your suppliers with certainty?

At the very least, moral accountability now goes way beyond the boundaries of your own business premises. We can help you to identify risks in good time with a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain from a sustainability perspective. Our experts reveal potential for improvement and develop specific measures. Code of conduct? We can take care of it! Training for buyers and suppliers? We will do it!

It should also be remembered that a risk profile that is improved in this way really pays off for your company – in the form of lower capital costs and greater investor interest.



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